Doing it In Public or In Private?

I was catching up on my weekly stories (AKA Celebrity Gossip) and I saw a post about Anne Hathaway leaving a private yoga session and it made me think; would I enjoy private sessions more or less then my normal classes.

picture from: Just Jared

Typically there are about 50-60 yogis in my class and I’ve always loved the energy jive that happens there. Your mat is two inches from your neighbor; you can hear their prana-a-flowing… Just helps keep your mojo going throughout class. Then I realized that I’ve never taken a private session before. It’s never just been me (or even me and few friends) with a teacher. I assume there are a lot of positives to this: lots of personal adjustments, alignment checks, personalized session… Nothing sounding too awful to me!
So I guess instead of taking one side to the other I’d like to throw the question out to you.



March 30, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . musings, Yogi Things.


  1. Valerie replied:

    I feel exactly the way you do about this. I can see the benefits of having a private session (especially if the instructor came to my house, how convenient!) but I love the energy of being in a group setting and the motivation that comes with 40 other yogis around you. Maybe I just say this because I can’t afford private sessions though. 😉

  2. Brit replied:

    Thanks for the comment – I’m thinking about hunting down some fellow teachers to do a “trade” deal – private session for private session! I would love to see what it’s like without having the pay the fee 🙂

  3. Come One, Come All! « BlissBee Yoga replied:

    […] Lululemon is putting on a free class in Downtown Minneapolis in attempts to break the record for largest yoga class. I’m stocked since I’m 1) obsessed with Lulu (clothes and overall brand); 2) Lots of twitter/blog friends will be there that I’m jonesing to meet in person; 3) Huge yoga class for FREE (and you know my take on big classes)! […]

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