Doing it In Public or In Private?

I was catching up on my weekly stories (AKA Celebrity Gossip) and I saw a post about Anne Hathaway leaving a private yoga session and it made me think; would I enjoy private sessions more or less then my normal classes.

picture from: Just Jared

Typically there are about 50-60 yogis in my class and I’ve always loved the energy jive that happens there. Your mat is two inches from your neighbor; you can hear their prana-a-flowing… Just helps keep your mojo going throughout class. Then I realized that I’ve never taken a private session before. It’s never just been me (or even me and few friends) with a teacher. I assume there are a lot of positives to this: lots of personal adjustments, alignment checks, personalized session… Nothing sounding too awful to me!
So I guess instead of taking one side to the other I’d like to throw the question out to you.



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Spring Cleaning

I love this time of the year! Spring has this “fresh start” quality about it that makes me want to get a jump on the Summer. My list of things to do is always the same: Deep clean the house, gut my wardrobe, start scheduling parties and weekend trips… But new to this year is a body cleanse.

Now wait. Before you groan and click away I want to set a few things straight.

1)      This is not going to be a lemonade and pepper drink cleanse

2)      I’m not a doctor so don’t post a million comments about how I shouldn’t be promoting cleanses

3)      I’m not doing this to drop a ton of weight before swimsuit season

Ok, now that those few things are outlined, I’ll continue.

The reason I’m doing this cleanse/jump start is because Winter is my comfort-food season. I load up on pizza, indulge in cookies and chocolate, drink dark beer till my tummy is swishing, and overall enjoy every food/drink out there! I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It’s a great thing and a ton of fun in the process; however, I start to feel a little sluggish and notice that my energy level just isn’t where it should be. I also notice that full binds (grabbing around the thigh) just isn’t as accessible. Yikes!

So what exactly am I going to be doing? Well I’m kinda making it up as I got but here is the general idea. I’m going to be eating clean for two weeks. During that two week time I’ll be doing some research about the best “cleanse” which you typically do for two days. I’m still not sure if I want to do that part since I have a hard time believing it’s healthy. I know there is a ton of research out there that it’s ok to do in moderation but I’m a big supporter of protein and vitamins and I haven’t found a cleanse where you get that. Anyways…

Clean Eating: This is basically going to consist of LOTS of veggies and fruits, lean protein (steamed or grilled), TONS of water and uberhealthy grains. It also means no processed foods or alcohol (sigh).

Throughout the “detox” I’ll do mini-posts about what I’ve been eating and how I’ve been feeling. I’ll warn you that they will be honest and probably brutal as I’m known to get HANGRY when I skip my sweets.

I’ll also be adding a few more yoga sessions into my weekly routine and maybe some morning workouts. I’ve been trying to convince my body to go to Spin classes in the morning but it just won’t listen. Maybe combining it with this “jump start” will give it the added incentive.

What I’m hoping to get out of this: I’m hoping to shake out all those access goobers hanging in my body from winter and regain some energy that’s been lost. I’m hoping to curb my sweet tooth that came with the four boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I’m hoping to break my morning latte habit. I’m also hoping to that my full bind will be a little easier when this is over. J

So wish me luck. I’ll be starting on Sunday!


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One of my very favorite quotes/piece of trivia is about the Bumblebee. I read it in one of Baron Baptiste’s books and it has stuck with me ever since. In fact it’s inspired the name of this blog (in case you were wondering where THAT came from).

Aerodynamically the bumblebee should not be able to fly but it doesn’t know this, so it flies!

How amazing of a life mantra is that? You can basically apply it to everything you do in life.

If you think you can’t do something you will never be able to. But if you just try it you will succeed. [note: in my book, which is VERY long, trying counts as succeeding]

Let me apply this in two ways for you. One is on the mat and the other is off.

First, on the mat:

Crow Pose. Wow do I struggle with this pose. From the first time I ever saw it done I was like “no way, no how”. Since most of you don’t know me offline I’ll give you a quick description. Tall. Not the lanky tall either. I’m the “she used to play basketball and really muscled her way around” tall. So to see some little yogi in the front of class just hop her knees on the back of her arms and balance there and then tell me to do… now way Jose! Needless to say, or drag this story on any farther, I struggled in crow for a VERY long time. Then one day in class I didn’t think about it. We were midway through and the yoga-ref threw it into the practice casually during one of our flow sequences. Before I had time to worry about not getting into it or falling because I couldn’t hold myself up, I was in it! I didn’t think about not being able to do it so I did it!

Off the mat:

Back in early July I was throwing around the idea of taking Yoga Teacher Training at Core Power. It was my home studio and I was hooked on it. I wanted to learn more. To deepen my practice and to become one of the yoga-refs that I adored. Every time I would open the application my mind would wander to amazing places filled with Lululemon yoga pants instead of suits, bare feet instead of high heels, and yummy smelling yoga studios instead of whatever smell was abusing the office kitchen. Then I would snap out of it and realize that I wasn’t good enough at yoga to become a teacher and that it was a silly idea. I thought of all the reasons I couldn’t do it. This went on for quite some time until a blunt friend finally got sick of me thinking/wanting to do it and said “shut up and stop saying you can’t – why can’t you?” I stopped and realized that there is no reason that I couldn’t do it. That if I just stopped thinking of all the reasons that I couldn’t do it I would see that I could. So I did it. I rocked it. I loved it. I’m now teaching and helping others tap into their inner yogis. I’m still learning about reffing yoga and still learning as a student.

Moral of these two stories: Be the Bee. Don’t think about why you can’t and just do it.


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Fearless Yoga

Fearless Yoga; WTF? I said this in class the other day and that’s basically the look I got from about half my class. I think most thought it was some adjective about how their arms should be and the other half thought I was just having a mumble-stumble when talking about Warrior ll. What I wanted to tell them, without making them hold Warrior ll for 15 minutes, is that yoga should be a fearless practice. Not fearless of the postures (some kind of freak me out) but fearless of failure.

I grew up playing competitive sports so I’ve always had the mindset, like many people, that failure wasn’t an option. I liked to win. I thrived on winning. Then I moved onto college and then the “real world”. Office life has its own set of competitive pressures that bring out the “failure is not an option” attitude. We are always striving to get ahead, to perform better than our peers and to win that next big raise.

I see that same mindset when people come to their mat for class. Hell, I had when I first starting practicing yoga. You come in with the “I will conquer” mindset. You’re going to hit every pose perfectly. Your down dog will make your teacher weep it’s so perfect. You will not fail at this! What a stressful thought process, right? So this is where I pop-in. Whether it’s in my own head or into other’s minds… Fearless Yoga! Be fearless of failure because there is no way to fail at yoga. It’s always a practice and always evolving. Your heels don’t touch the ground on down dog? So what! Your arm isn’t as low as your neighbors in Triangle? Who cares! Yoga is all about yourself and how you feel. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s not about succeeding or failure. In a way, it’s neither! You can’t win at yoga and you can’t lose; you’re just playing. You can succeed and you can’t fail; you’re just trying.

So I hope that the next time you go to your mat that you don’t think/stress about conquering the next hour of yoga. That you simply take each breathe as it comes and each posture as it comes with an open mind and a fearless attitude. You will not fail at this. It’s just not possible.


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