Guinea Pigs Wanted

I’m taking my yoga reffing to new venues: Prego-Yoga Sports Yoga.

For the Prego-Yoga I’ve been introduced to a wonderful teacher. We met through my teacher training when we had a day talking about Future Mama Modifications. We’ve been emailing back and forth and I’m super excited to start working with her. I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop as that training gets underway… If there are any Minneapolis Mamas out there that are willing to be students please email me as well!

The second venture is Sports Yoga. Growing up I was a total jock and spent many hours working on my fitness. Personal trainers, weight lifting coaches, physical therapists… you name it and I’ve tried it! Well, all except one. Growing up yoga wasn’t talked about as much as it is today (or not at all in MN) so I never thought of trying it out. Sure we “stretched” to prevent injury but pulling your arm across your chest and counting to 10 really doesn’t do a whole lot. Flash forward to 2010 and yoga is in the news all the time and it’s word count in the Sports Section is increasing more than ever! Athletes are realizing the amazing benefits of yoga and are adding it into their workout regimen.

So where am I am going with this? Well, I’ll tell you. I was going to nab some lacrosse players but I’m a little late for that. So instead I’m switching to one of my new favorite summer sports: Golf. If you’re not a golfer I suggest you get out there and try it. It’s like yoga in a way. Your first time out there is completely frustrating because you don’t know what you’re doing and everyone around you is better at it. Then you have one good drive or chip it perfectly and BAM! You’re hooked. [Similar to yoga except there is typically beer involved with golf]

So back to what I’m doing: I want to try and find a few avid golfers that are either working with a golf-pro or have a pretty good idea of where their handicap should be. I want to start adding yoga into their weekly workouts and track how their golf game improves. I really think that the mental benefits of yoga (relaxation through breathing, mental focus) and the physical (arm strength, hip opening, and core strength) can greatly improve someone’s game!

Through my blog I’ll keep you up to date on the progress and some of the sequencing I’m doing, but for right now I’m looking for some guinea pigs.

TWIN CITY GOLFERS, EMAIL ME! I can’t do it without your help so give me a shout and I’ll hook you up with some FREE sessions! Heck, maybe I’ll even treat you to a round a golf!



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One of my very favorite quotes/piece of trivia is about the Bumblebee. I read it in one of Baron Baptiste’s books and it has stuck with me ever since. In fact it’s inspired the name of this blog (in case you were wondering where THAT came from).

Aerodynamically the bumblebee should not be able to fly but it doesn’t know this, so it flies!

How amazing of a life mantra is that? You can basically apply it to everything you do in life.

If you think you can’t do something you will never be able to. But if you just try it you will succeed. [note: in my book, which is VERY long, trying counts as succeeding]

Let me apply this in two ways for you. One is on the mat and the other is off.

First, on the mat:

Crow Pose. Wow do I struggle with this pose. From the first time I ever saw it done I was like “no way, no how”. Since most of you don’t know me offline I’ll give you a quick description. Tall. Not the lanky tall either. I’m the “she used to play basketball and really muscled her way around” tall. So to see some little yogi in the front of class just hop her knees on the back of her arms and balance there and then tell me to do… now way Jose! Needless to say, or drag this story on any farther, I struggled in crow for a VERY long time. Then one day in class I didn’t think about it. We were midway through and the yoga-ref threw it into the practice casually during one of our flow sequences. Before I had time to worry about not getting into it or falling because I couldn’t hold myself up, I was in it! I didn’t think about not being able to do it so I did it!

Off the mat:

Back in early July I was throwing around the idea of taking Yoga Teacher Training at Core Power. It was my home studio and I was hooked on it. I wanted to learn more. To deepen my practice and to become one of the yoga-refs that I adored. Every time I would open the application my mind would wander to amazing places filled with Lululemon yoga pants instead of suits, bare feet instead of high heels, and yummy smelling yoga studios instead of whatever smell was abusing the office kitchen. Then I would snap out of it and realize that I wasn’t good enough at yoga to become a teacher and that it was a silly idea. I thought of all the reasons I couldn’t do it. This went on for quite some time until a blunt friend finally got sick of me thinking/wanting to do it and said “shut up and stop saying you can’t – why can’t you?” I stopped and realized that there is no reason that I couldn’t do it. That if I just stopped thinking of all the reasons that I couldn’t do it I would see that I could. So I did it. I rocked it. I loved it. I’m now teaching and helping others tap into their inner yogis. I’m still learning about reffing yoga and still learning as a student.

Moral of these two stories: Be the Bee. Don’t think about why you can’t and just do it.


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“Carve the Pow-Pow” Restorative Poses

My hubby is off on his “Man Ski Trip” this weekend so in honor of him I’m going to go through a couple of “feel better so you can get up in the morning” poses. I’m sure I’m supposed to note somewhere on here that you should check with your doctor before doing anything… so yep… do that.

Ok, so because I’m thinking of my burly man, I’ll be grooving the modifications (he’s not exactly Gumby, but getting there).

First, relax. Take a minute to do some deep inhales and exhales. Get the mighty pow-pow (or whatever has your mind in a bundle) out of your head and just breathe. Where are you tight? What’s going to hurt in the morning? Just breathe some air in there!

Cat and Cow warm-up: I love these to start. Starting from a tabletop (shoulders above wrists, hips stacked on knees) – on your inhale, drop your belly towards the ground, eyes gaze up, shoulders pull back and down (Cow). On your exhale, push your spine up the sky, pushing out of your shoulders and hips (Cat). Do about 5 of each… slowly… These are great for loosening up the spine and opening up your shoulders/chest.

Downdog: Come back to a neutral tabletop, curl your toes under and life your hips to the sky. Peddle your feet out; shake your hips side to side (feet are hip distance apart). Push down onto your hands (which are shoulder width apart). Now, pull your shoulders back and down. If your hammies are tight, take a little knee bend. If you want to open them more, after you bend your knees, kick your tailbone to the ceiling and straighten your legs. BREATHE!

Ragdoll: From downdog slowly walk your feet forward and let your body hang heavy. Hands grab opposite elbows. Sway slide to side – open your spine! Stay here for several breathes. Again, no rushing this buddy, just breathe and move so it feels good.

When you’re ready, slowly go back down to downdog – peddle it out again. Now lift your right leg high, move the hip around a little – breathe – step right foot forward into a low lunge.

Low Lunge (instead of Crescent Lunge): Drop your left knee to the ground and rise up. Put your hands on your right thigh and gently shift your weight forward so you are stretching out your hip flexors and glutes. Hold and breathe. Now reach your arms to the sky and take a baby back bend. BE GENTLE! Come back to center slowly. You can do an easy-twist here if you want to: reach your left hand out in front of you and your right arm back behind you. Keep and nice tall back and breathe. This will rinse out those inner organs (aka flush out the beer toxins from last night). Slowly come back to center, place your hands on the ground and go to downdog. Peddle out your feet and do the same sequence on the left side.

Modified Half Pigeon: Lay back on the ground with your knees bent to the sky, feet on the ground. Take your right ankle and place it on your left knee (right knee bowing to the right). Now gently grab behind your left thigh and slowly pull back. Hip flexor, glutes and hammies should be feeling this one. Hold here for several breathes and then do the left side.

Supine Twist: I’m assuming the glutes and core are a little sore, time to work those out. Laying on your back with your legs out in front of you, life your right knee and pull it into your armpit. Again, hold it here and breathe. When you’re ready to move on, bring your right arm out to the side, look at it, now use your left hand to gently pull your right knee across your body. Make sure to keep both shoulders are the ground. Hold here for several breathes. Now do the left side.

Good job all – this isn’t a very long sequence but it should help loosen anything up for the morning. Some other postures that would also be great: Prasarita, Supta Baddha Konasana and Warrior 2 .

Have fun  -B

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A Few of My Favorite Yoga Things

Besides working, I’ve been prepping for my first (reffing) workshop this Saturday. It will be a heart opener for all levels. I’m excited/nervous which means I’ve been giggling, sweating, fidgeting and eating too many mini-Snickers.

So to take my mind off of it for a bit I thought I would start “ A Few of My Favorite Yoga Things” list:

First, my Yogitoes. I sweat. I sweat a lot! These have saved my a lot of slipping in downdog.

Next up, my Lululemon Wunder Unders. I will warn you, I’m pretty much obsessed with all of their clothes (bags, manifesto, water bottles… you get the picture) but these bad boys are amazing. I never thought I would be caught in public wearing leggings but I rock these pants just about everywhere. Check ’em out – you’ll be hooked!

India Arie, Beautiful. Just listen to it and you will understand why its a staple on any yoga mix…

I have a love/hate relationship with Chair Pose. It’s one of those postures in my asana practice that makes my forehead crunch up and my competitive nature kick into overdrive. I have very tight hamstrings so getting “low into my chair” never quite looks the way I want it to. And that’s why I dislike this pose. It conjures up that “you vs. me” mindset that I’ve worked so hard to banish. Yoga is not about what you look like or the person next to you… it’s about you. That is why I love this posture. Because it reminds me, tells me, that I’m not competing with anyone. I’m here, where I’m supposed to be, and if it’s not low, so what.

So that’s it for now – Have a wonderful weekend! -B

[note: I’ m silly and forgot to publish this on Friday 🙂  ]

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